Dr. Gene A. Getz

Wife:          Elaine (happily married for 50 years)
Daughters:      Renee
               Robyn with three adorable children (Kyle, Stephanie, Michelle)
Son:           Kenton (happily married to Carla) with three wonderful children (Corbin, Caleb, Carter)

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Pastor Emeritus , Fellowship Bible Church North
Director, Center for Church Renewal
Host, Executive Director & Producer, Renewal Radio
Adjunct Professor, Dallas Theological Seminary

Diploma (1952), Moody Bible Institute; B.A. (1954), Rocky Mountain College; M.A. (1958), Wheaton College; Ph.D. (1968), New York University; graduate study at Northern Illinois University.

Radio ministry, Montana Gospel Crusade (1952-54); Youth Director, Church of the Air, Billings, Montana (1952-54); Director of Youth Camp, Clydehurst Christian Ranch (1954); Assistant Pastor, Cass Community Church, Hinsdale, Illinois (1954); Director of Christian Education, Lisle Bible Church, Lisle, Illinois (1955-57); Instructor in Christian Education (1955-68), Director of Evening School (1963-68), Moody Bible Institute; Visiting Professor, Word of Life Summer Institute of Camping, Schroon Lake, New York (1964--); Associate Professor of Christian Education, Dallas Theological Seminary (1968-74); Adjunct Professor in Pastoral Ministries, Dallas Theological Seminary (1974--); presently serving as Senior Pastor, Fellowship Bible Church North; Director, Center for Church Renewal, Host/Exec. Director/Exec. Producer, Renewal Radio.

Dr. Gene A. Getz became involved in church planting and renewal at a very practical level while teaching at Dallas Theological Seminary.  After exploring the subject for several years with his students, he wrote Sharpening the Focus of the Church.  Prodded on by several families in Dallas who became interested in starting a new church, Gene launched Fellowship Bible Church in November of 1972.  Committed to biblical absolutes, the church was also built on the concept of “freedom in form.”  Growth was immediate.  Since that time, 12 Fellowship churches have been started in the Dallas metroplex and numerous churches throughout the United States can trace their roots back to what has happened in Dallas.

        Gene has personally pastored three of these churches.  Presently, he serves as Senior Pastor at Fellowship Bible Church North, located in Plano, Texas, one of the fastest growing areas in the Dallas metroplex.  The latest Fellowship church has grown phenomenally since its beginning in 1981.

        “The last 20+ years have been the greatest experiences in my personal ministry,” Gene states.  “I often say I spent nearly 20 years preparing men to be pastors (13 years at Moody Bible Institute and six years at Dallas Theological Seminary) and now I’m really learning how.”

        Though Gene still teaches part time at Dallas Theological Seminary, his primary focus involves his pastoral responsibility at Fellowship Bible Church North and directing the Center for Church Renewal.  The CCR is a rapidly growing organization designed to minister to pastors, missionaries and other church leaders.  Gene believes that it is imperative to be involved in a local church ministry in order to have an effective ministry at large.  “It keeps us honest,” Gene reports.  “It is very easy to get into the ivory tower when you’re not serving people at the grass roots level.”

        Regarding church leadership, Gene feels this is the area where he has learned the most.  “We’ve done a lot of things right, but we’ve also made some mistakes,” he confesses.  “But that’s one of the exciting things about church planting.  You can learn from each experience.  We’re trying to apply the lessons we’ve learned.  Even as a new church, we can become locked into tradition--even our own tradition.”

        Gene's ministry career has involved a variety of experiences including Christian education and music ministries, college and seminary teaching.  He has also authored over 40 books and many of these book titles have been printed and distributed in nearly 30 different languages.  Most of his books have grown out of his experience as a pastor.  Some of his best selling titles are the Measure of books published by Regal and the One Another books published by Victor.  His Men of Character series published by Broadman & Holman are impacting the current men's movement.

        Gene's books have been translated into over 30 different languages.

Measure of a Church
Measure of a Family
Measure of a Man
Measure of a Woman
Partners for Life
Joseph From Prison to Palace
When You're Confused & Uncertain (Abraham)
When You Feel Like You Haven't Got It (Moses)
Looking Up When You Feel Down (Eph. 1-3)
Living for Others When You'd Rather Live for Yourself (Eph. 4-6)
Believing God When You're Tempted to Doubt (James 1)
Doing Your Part When You'd Rather Let God Do It All (James 2-5)
Pressing On When You'd Rather Turn Back (Philippians)
Standing Firm When You'd Rather Retreat (1 Thessalonians)
Saying No When You'd Rather Say Yes (Titus)

Sharpening the Focus of the Church
God's Plan for Building a Good Reputation
Serving One Another
Building Up One Another
Loving One Another
Encouraging One Another
Praying for One Another

Filling the Holes in Our Souls
Biblical Theology of Material Possessions
Real Prosperity
Elders and Leaders: God's Plan for Leading the Church

The Walk
"Men of Character" Series
        Abraham:  Holding Fast to the Will of God
        David: Seeking God Faithfully
        Elijah: Remaining Steadfast Through Uncertainty
        Jacob:  Following God Without Looking Back
        Joseph:  Overcoming Obstacles Through Faithfulness
        Joshua: Living as a Consistent Role Model
        Nehemiah: Becoming a Disciplined Leader
        Moses:  Freeing Yourself to Know God
        Daniel:  Standing Firm for God
        The Apostles: Becoming Unified Through Diversity

        Throughout his educational and vocational experiences, Gene has specialized in communications.  He established the first audio/visual center that existed on a Bible college campus while teaching at Moody Bible Institute.  When he came to Dallas Theological Seminary to teach in the Christian Education Department in 1968, he was also charged with setting up and developing an up-to-date media center for use at the graduate level.

        Interspersed throughout Gene's ministry experiences, he has also been involved in a variety of radio experiences.  While in Billings, Montana, he sang in a radio quartet on a half hour daily program sponsored by the Montana Gospel Crusade and directed and produced a 15 minute weekly youth program.  While directing the Moody Evening School in Chicago, he created and hosted a 30-minute weekly program called "Evening School Echoes" and launched an evening program called "Class In Session"--a 60-minute live broadcast from a Moody Evening School classroom designed to allow students in the radio audience to participate.  He was also the first professor at Moody Bible Institute to bring students into the studio to conduct interactive classes on WMBI's Radio School of the Bible.

        Since coming to Dallas, Gene hosted a live call in program on the Criswell Network for five years called "Let's Talk"--a program designed to do on the air pastoral counseling.  More recently, he has launched a 15-minute weekday program called "Renewal" which is aired on the Moody Radio Network.  The format consists of brief messages, interviews, discussions and pre-recorded telephone responses.  Renewal is one of the first Christian programs produced exclusively by utilizing Digital Audio Editing and Mastering.

        Gene has continued to utilize his communication experience in his pastoral ministry.  Each week, he does illustrated sermons using two rear screen projectors which he controls and operates from the pulpit.  He has recently completed a 12-part video series on Spiritual Maturity that has been distributed nationally and internationally.

        Gene states, "I've tried to draw on all of my years of communication and media experience in communicating the message of the Word of God.  I'm fortunate to have a church board that has caught my vision for using the latest technology to communicate God's eternal truth."

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